Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Interview with Polymer Clay Artist Eva Thissen

The Nightingale

Full name: 
Eva Margriet Thissen

E-Mail address:
Please contact me via my Etsy shop :)

My online shop

My portfolio to see how my work has been developing since I started few years ago: Flickr

Tell us a bit about yourself:

My name is Eva Thissen, I am the crafter/maker behind the polymer clay jewelry studio EvaThissen. I reside in a small town called Herne in Nordrhein-Westfallen, Germany, with my wonderful husband Stefan. I was trained as an architect, but only worked as one for just a short period of time before I decided to pursue my dream to be a crafter. Being a maker and making a living from doing it are all that I want to do, and I feel so lucky to be able to do so. In the beginning I started selling my work at an art gallery in Cambridge, UK, where I have lived for few years. When I learned about this wonderful marketplace for artists and crafters called Etsy, I didn't think twice and just gave it a go to set up my online shop.


Please describe the creative process of making your polymer clay jewelry:

One most important thing that I learned from the architecture school is about the importance of having a strong design concept. As I started my business, I initially had some ideas, but it took time to develop it into a general theme for my creations. It was not just wheater the style is simple and elegant or detailed and intricate, I was looking for one general theme. It was not that easy, but so exciting. I let myself get inspired by books, museums and galleries and more books.

Eventually, I realised that it has always been the story behind a wearable piece that attracted me the most. I knew then that I want to create a wearable art that tell a story. A jewelry that you wear because it tells something about yourself and therefore so dear to you. I choose the surface of the polymer clay to deliver the themes and my early works were hand-painted polymer pendants. I still like the idea to treat my polymer clay pendants as canvas for my 'painting', as I later learned this 'relief painting' technique, to give more dimensional feeling to the pictorial pendants. The method is known as 'appliqued technique'. Using tiny pieces of clays and a sharp needle, I 'embroidered' imageries on my polymer clay. Finnaly, I just want to make people happy when they see my work!

Some jewelry that I create are simply for decoration purpose and I sometime free myself up from such 'strong' themes. But based on my experience, those pieces with strong concepts (like the 'Mother' pendant or the 'Little Red Riding Hood' series) are always been the hit. 

Little Red Riding Hood

What or who inspires you:

I find children's stories so inspiring. But to be honest, anything or anyone could be an inspiration to me. Design is simply my passion, it's the air that I breathe :)

How long have you been making jewelry for:

I made my first piece in 2006 and I have always been working with polymer clay. I find this material simply flexible and perfect to deliver my design concept.


How would you describe your jewelry to someone that has never seen it before:

A jewelry that tells a story.

Your other hobbies and interests: 

When I am not making jewelry or when an idea is stuck, I will get my cleaning appliances and start cleaning the house. I find it relaxing, it feels as if I am actually cleaning up my own mind :) My other hobby is reading (non-fictions and few fictions). I also enjoy just being together with my husband :)

Your most favourite piece: always different from time to time, because I find the process of making the new collection the most exciting part of my work. This time my most favourite is the series of monogram pendants that hopefully will be in store in the short time. 

New series of Monogram Pendants available Fall 2012

Share the love (link)  Please share with us a link to an artistic person who inspires or delights you:

The blog of the Dutch graphic designer Jurianne Matter is simply a delight! 

Where do you see yourself within the next 5 years? What are your long term creative goals?

In five years time I will be doing exactly what I am doing now. Where? Hopefully in my own studio somewhere in an exciting city like Cologne. In the meanwhile, I want to attend courses to learn new jewelry-making techniques. I will never stop learning. 


Midsummer Night Dream

The Ugly Duckling

The English Garden

Puppy Love

The Dancer

A Girl With The Birds

Little Gardener

The Reader

Walking the Dogs

Hand Painted Pendant....Clair de Lune


  1. i love eva's hand made =)

  2. Me too! She's on vacation right now but I can't wait till she comes back in September with her new Autumn / Winter collection! So excited!

  3. What is the price range of her pieces? She is so talented!